1/10/2020 – 5/9/2024



We fell in love the moment Presley was born. When she stood and started to unfold, we were gonners. We named her  Où le blanc Jasmin which is French for White Jasmin. It was fitting, since she was so sweet. On May 9th, 2024 we noticed that Presley wasn’t grazing with the other does. She and her kids were out in the pasture, resting. When she would get up, the kids would nurse and she would lay back down. We decided to bring her into the barn and give her B Complex, re-check her fecal, take her temp and give fever reducers if she was high and possibly start her on antibiotics. She was reluctant and slow to enter the barn, which wasn’t like her. She loved being in the barn. Like most kids, hers decided to play with the other kids when we brought her in, so, after retrieving the buckling, we went to retrieve the doeling. As we were entering the stall, we heard Presley cry out and fall into the wall. She passed immediately. An aneurysm had killed our beautiful Presley, just three weeks after she delivered buck/doe twins. Losing her has been difficult, but thankfully, we will keep her beautiful doeling and name her Où le blanc Legacy, after her dam. 

With exceptional milklines of Goldthwaite, Kastdemur’s, Blissberry, Saada and Victory Meadows this doe fulfilled our milking expectations. 

Belicia Nubians is proud to be a negative tested herd. View results on the farm. We are located near Greenville. Texas.

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Presley’s Sire and Dam
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Additional Photo’s of Presley

Presley’s Kids

2023 DOE (R13)
2023 DOE (R14)
2023 DOE (R15)
2024 DOE